China Briefing: A Sobering View of the State of the Chinese Semiconductor Industry

Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. and The Fairview Group, Inc. are pleased to co-sponsor this important and informative briefing on the state of the Chinese semiconductor industry. The briefing will be conducted by Dr. Danny Lam and will be based on his years of access to key players in the Chinese government and industrial complex. His latest visit was in December 2007.

The briefing will be conducted via web and audio conference and will have limited participation at each of the scheduled dates. This will facilitate the ability of the attendees in asking key questions to help them focus their China strategy and understanding. The briefing is scheduled to last one hour and will cost $199 for single participants or $499 for companies that wish to log-in from a conference room or other consolidated location. Sign up is limited and on a first come first served basis. Please visit WWK's China web site to reserve your space today.


·        Chinese Semiconductor Industry Overview

o       Benchmarks: Japan, Korea, Taiwan

·        Context of Policy:  One Beijing, Many Provinces

·        Industry Strategy

o       Context of Strategy

o       Method and Means

·        Outcomes

o       HH-NEC

o       Grace

o       SMIC

o       Hynix

o       Intel

o       Also rans

·        Technical Capabilities

·        Future Direction

o       Capacity for self sustained growth

o       Indigenous Technology Capabilities

o       IP Protection


Dr. Danny Lam is an energy and semiconductor analyst and editorial writer at The Fairview Group, Inc., publisher of the Global Communications and Computing Report. His work has appeared in Semiconductor International, Handbook of Technology Management, Semiconductor Fabtech, EE Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, etc.

During his 25 year career in the industry, semiconductor lithography line width went from 6-7 microns down to 45 nanometers; wafers grew from 4" to 12"; and the industry boomed and busted to ultimately plateau at its present growth rate of about 9% per annum. He believes he will live to see the end of Moore's law. Along the way, Dr. Lam has visited most of the major fab sites in the US and Asia and evaluated semiconductor industry development programs from Hsinchu, Taiwan to Wuhan, China.

He received his PhD from Carleton University in 1992 with a dissertation on the development of Taiwan's microelectronics industry and has been a fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard University.

The briefing will be based on information he gathered on his most recent visit to China in December, 2007.

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