We can help keep them grounded!

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Keep your company's costs grounded with Wright Williams & Kelly's (WWK) comprehensive line of cost management consulting services and software solutions. Utilized by the world's premier manufacturing organizations, our products and services contribute tens of millions of dollars annually to their bottom lines.

WWK's consultants are available on-site, worldwide to provide the resources needed to drive cost reductions and productivity improvements.

From analyzing a single process step, to optimizing a full factory, to complete Industrial Engineering outsourcing, only WWK offers a full range of solutions to meet exacting demands. We provide GUARANTEED results in industry standard formats and commercially available solutions, for both our clients and their suppliers.

As the world's leading provider of operational modeling software, WWK has created the industry's standard software suite: cost of ownership (TWO COOL®); process cost, test system, and cluster tool analyses (PRO COOL®); cost and resource evaluation (Factory Commander®); plus capacity analysis, ramp planning, and discrete event simulation (Factory Explorer®).

Since it's a competitive advantage to effectively identify cost drivers and manage cost reductions, our software suite measures up to critical needs. The COOL® family is the only comprehensive set of Cost of Ownership (COO) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) analysis tools. Whether you need to know the cost impact of capital equipment purchases, alternative processes, or OEE improvements, COOL® software helps you measure up.

To improve current operations and ensure that future operations meet financial requirements, Factory Commander® performs high-level cost analyses of overall factory and individual product costs, manufacturing capacity, and revenues.

And, when it comes to manufacturing optimization, Factory Explorer® is a unique software tool that determines optimal factory size, how to reduce cycle time and product costs, locations of factory bottlenecks, and time trends in inventory levels.

With our cost management software and services, WWK can help keep your costs grounded. And that's something you can bank on.





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