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Manufacturing Operations Optimization Software as a Service (SaaS)

All of WWK’s operational modeling and simulation software products are now exclusively available as Software as a Service (SaaS) running on the Cloud. IBM breaks down the advantages of Cloud computing into three areas; flexibility; efficiency; and strategic value.

Flexibility allows the scaling of computing power to the task at hand regardless of the local machine used to connect. Efficiency is accessing the needed applications from anywhere in the world from any connected device. Strategic value comes from being able to move faster than competitors by not being tied to existing infrastructure and the hesitancy to obsolete major IT investments.

WWK has leveraged these advantages by moving its complete suite of manufacturing optimization applications to the Cloud. In addition to the advantages inherent in Cloud computing, this move provides WWK’s clients substantial cost advantages by lowering up front licensing costs and shifting from capital budgeting to more flexible expense accounting.

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Cloud Architecture
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WWK utilizes the latest generation in Cloud architecture allowing users to easily upgrade virtual machine (VM) performance as well as storage capabilities (HDD, SSD). The architecture utilizes a gateway server to manage incoming Internet log in traffic and directs authorized users to the management server, which employs a two-factor authentication before passing the user on to the session host. The session hosts provide a full desktop experience to the users regardless of the device used to connect. The session hosts are allocated on a per client or more restricted basis to ensure data security between organizations and between users within an organization.

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