CNBC Asia Interview with Dr. Danny Lam

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August 18, 2008 (San Ramon, CA) –The Fairview Group, Inc. (TFG), a market research firm serving mutual and hedge fund managers, announced today that its Asia office has just released a special report on post-Olympics China that warns of a synchronized Global downturn:

“After the Olympics, expect China’s leadership to undergo a thorough housecleaning to resolve many of the problems that have accumulated in the past decade. Steps taken to maintain social stability -- such as holding down energy, commodity and food prices -- will likely expire. At the same time, the Chinese financial system is likely to be the target of reforms, resulting in the recognition of many troubled or bad loans and the replacement of staff at the institutions that made them. In this shuffle, it is likely that the policy of RMB appreciation will be revisited and perhaps, the RMB will be permitted to either stabilize or decline to help hard-pressed export industries.”

The 9-page report provides insights from our staff with access to high levels of the Chinese government and industrial leaders.

Section topics include:

·        Highlights

·        Executive Summary

·        The Beijing Olympics Bubble

·        Olympics: Soft Costs vs. Hard Costs

·        Hu and Wen’s Reforms

·        Economic Challenges in 2008

·        Net Assessment

·        The move “Up Market” Myth

·        RMB Devaluation vs. Dollar

·        Conclusions


Dr. Danny Lam is an energy and semiconductor analyst and editorial writer at The Fairview Group, Inc., publisher of the Global Communications and Computing Report. His work has appeared in Semiconductor International, Handbook of Technology Management, Semiconductor Fabtech, EE Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, etc.

During his 25 year career in the industry, semiconductor lithography line width went from 6-7 microns down to 45 nanometers; wafers grew from 4" to 12"; and the industry boomed and busted to ultimately plateau at its present growth rate of about 9% per annum. He believes he will live to see the end of Moore's law. Along the way, Dr. Lam has visited most of the major fab sites in the US and Asia and evaluated semiconductor industry development programs from Hsinchu, Taiwan to Wuhan, China.

He received his PhD from Carleton University in 1992 with a dissertation on the development of Taiwan's microelectronics industry and has been a fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, and Harvard University.

If you invest in Asia or in companies that do business in Asia, this is a must read. The report is priced at US$5,000 and comes with a private 20 minute debriefing.

The Fairview Group, Inc. is the publisher of the Communications + Computing Report; providing mutual and hedge fund managers investing in consumer electronics early warning of trends and consumer behavior.

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