COOLSoft™ Details

COOLSoft™ was designed to give software developers an easy to use, predictive software development cost model. Attributes can be entered to describe the development effort by hardware, personnel and software.

COOLSoft™ utilizes a hybrid approach of intermediate and detailed versions of the Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO). This allows for the reuse of existing code, development of new code, the purchase and integration of third party code, and hardware integration. The output is then displayed as man-months of programming effort, calendar schedule, support costs and hardware costs.

Data setup can be broken into seven attribute sections: software/ overhead, product shipments, project, computer, product, personnel and hardware. Specifications for software are broken down by the development areas of: operating system, utilities and windowing system, I/O and machine interface, control software, man machine interface, supervisory control, communications, process development language, process development and integration. These section titles are user definable to meet the requirements of the software development effort.

COOLSoft™ is a must have for every engineering and marketing organization that deals with software development issues. Now available as a SaaS Cloud applications. The software comes with detailed documentation on the operation and selection of default values.

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COOLSoft data input by functional screen shot

Input Screen - Development by Functional Area

COOLSoft data input for attribute factor levels screen shot

Advanced Input - Attribute Factor Levels

COOLSoft input review report screen shot

Reporting - Inputs Review

COOLSoft cost and schedule report screen shot

Reporting - Cost and Schedule

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