Cost, Risk, & ROI Analysis

• What is the true cost?
• What are the major cost drivers?
• What is the trade-off between cost and risk?
• How can I lower costs?
• What is the risk vs. cost benefit for a new project or product?
• What is the expected return on investment (ROI)?
• How do the risks of a project impact costs and ROI?


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Project Description Company Description Benefits Related Links
Manage/execute Air Force MANTECH program Defense contractor Reduce cost of major ECM product  
Consolidate/simplify product design Defense electronics Reduce parts & options counts, costs  
Implementation of Cost Of Ownership analysis for Electronic Assembly industry. Adapting Cost of Ownership methodology for Electronic Assembly equipment Electronic Assembly Equipment Manufacturer Understand true manufacturing cost ACM Jun 1999, p.9
Cost analysis of test system and wafer prober combination Equipment supplier Combined COO  
Cost analysis of 300mm manufacturing support tool Equipment supplier COO  
Integrated analysis of Cost of Ownership for a new metrology inspection equipment and its impact throughout the fabrication process flow Equipment supplier Equipment performance impact to production ACM Mar 2001, p.8
Review and Assess Equipment Designs for Quality, Reliability, Safety, Manufacturability, and Maintainability Equipment supplier Higher Quality Reliability, and Safety, Better Maintainability and Manufacturability, Lower COO Link to recommended book "Hi-tech Reliability"
Reliability Predictions Equipment supplier Higher Reliability Lower COO  
Reliability Test Planning and Results Analysis Equipment supplier Higher Reliability Lower COO  
Cost analysis impact of Production Test Time to Cost of Ownership, Good Wafer Throughput and OEE Equipment supplier Lower COO of Test Time  
Created product costing models for three different Flat panel display manufacturing technologies. FPD Manufacturer Strategic advantage  
Forecast impacts of a new technology on the cost and profitability of a semiconductor wafer fab Research & Development organization validate continued R&D, establish marketing strategy ACM Sep 2001, p.5
Cost of ownership analysis comparing equipment for new Gate process Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment with lower COO  
Cost of ownership analysis comparing new process and materials on photolithography Semiconductor Manufacturing Justification of additional cost resulting in lower COO ACM Jun 2001, p.10
Integrated supply chain evaluation of Cost Structures for commercialization of ChipSeal process from military application. Semiconductor Materials Supplier combined Cost Analysis  
Comparison financial analysis to understand process cost impact of interlayer dielectric materials Semiconductor Materials Supplier Lower Cost  
Evaluation of Cost of Ownership for a new CVD and CMP processes Semiconductor Materials Supplier Lower Cost  
Evaluated a passivation material and process technology for overall product cost inpact on semiconductor fabrication and final assembly Semiconductor Materials Supplier Lower Cost  
Comparison financial analysis to understand process cost impacts of planarization methods Semiconductor Materials Supplier Optimization ACM Sep 1999, p.10
CMP Drivers

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