PRO COOL® Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any special considerations needed when creating TWO COOL® models for subsequent use in PRO COOL®?
PRO COOL® process cost analysis software uses TWO COOL® cost of ownership software to estimate the cost of a sequence of process steps or a cluster of process tools. PRO COOL® reads the 13 TWO COOL® cost drivers from the COO model summary along with yield and utilization information. The use of COO summary information can lead to differences in the way PRO COOL® and TWO COOL® respond as utilization or throughput rates are changed. These differences can be minimized by taking the following precautions in constructing COO models specifically for use in PRO COOL®:

Enter material, consumable, and utility costs as a cost per unit (wafer, package, or mask) rather than as an annual cost. (For further information see PRO COOL® Technical Alert #5, "PRO COOL® vs. TWO COOL® Comparison.")

In all cases differences are minimized as TWO COOL® utilization and throughput inputs approximate PRO COOL® conditions.

Q: When I open a TWO COOL® database in PRO COOL®, the models listed do not include all of the models that are in the database. Why?
There are two possible causes:

Click on "View Error Log." TWO COOL® models listed in the error log may not be available to PRO COOL®. Possible errors include:

• Version - Model must be from TWO COOL® Version 2.1.3 or greater. Prior versions are    missing required PRO COOL® input fields.
• Fully Loaded - Model must be a fully loaded, single system TWO COOL® type 4 model.    Other conditions violate PRO COOL® equation assumptions.
• Currency - Model must use the same currency for both TWO COOL® inputs and outputs.
• Formula - PRO COOL® cannot interpret TWO COOL® models with formulas in the cells    used for PRO COOL® input.
• Correcting the TWO COOL® errors will make the models available in PRO COOL®.
• The use of some special characters in the database name, such as a hyphen, are    interpreted by Excel as command codes. Renaming the database should cure the    problem.

Q: When I try to print PRODOC.exe the printer does not print all the pages.
In the FILE:PRINT dialog box select "Print Text as Graphics". This will prevent the printer from interpreting bitmaps as fonts. Note: Versions 1.1 and greater do not use PRODOC.EXE.

Q: When I re-installed PRO COOL® on my PC after upgrading versions of Excel, I get an error message.
Insure that the PRO COOL® directory structure is intact. PRODATA must be a subdirectory to the directory containing PROCOOL.XLS.

Q: I have a site license. Can PRO COOL® be installed on a PC network?
With a site license, PRO COOL® can be downloaded from a network server to user computers using File Manager. Insure that the PRO COOL® directory structure remains intact. PRODATA must be a subdirectory to the directory containing PROCOOL.XLS.

Q: How can I transfer data to another PRO COOL® user?
PRO COOL® models are contained in databases that are regular Excel files. To transfer a model, create a new database and save the model of interest in that database. The Excel file (database name).XLS in the PRODATA subdirectory can be copied to another user, either through file or diskette transfer. The receiving PRO COOL® user should copy the file into the PRODATA subdirectory. After running PROCOOL.XLS, enter the "Retrieve Process Data" screen. The newly imported database will be listed in the database directory. Select the new database name and retrieve the newly imported data from that database.

Q: Sometimes I get multiple dialog boxes on the screen at the same time. Though only one is active.
Windows allocates memory for system functions such as screen refresh to fixed size "heaps." Should the "heap" reach its maximum, dialog boxes may remain on the screen after they have been executed. This can cause confusion as to which box is active. This phenomena can be minimized by closing all open programs and windows prior to starting Excel from the Program Manager.

Q: I am installing an update to my software. I am concerned that I might overwrite my database files.
When installing PRO COOL®, make sure to backup your current database files. If you install the new version in the same folder (subdirectory) as your current version, your database files may be overwritten. Once the installation is complete, you can copy your database files back to the PRODATA folder (subdirectory).

Q: I am trying to input formulas in a dialog box. Why doesn't this seem to work?
Excel dialog boxes do not allow formula input.

Q: Are there any suggestions on strategies for naming files in the database?
A systematic approach to naming items in both PRO COOL® and the supporting TWO COOL® databases is critical. You may decide to put everything in one database or you may have separate databases for processes, customers, suppliers, sites, etc. Data files should use the same name that was used in the "Process" input in the informational input section. Since the database report function is keyed on the "Process" name input, you can easily match the report output to the data file. While the databases are limited to eight character names, the data files have no such limitation. Be descriptive when naming your data files. Contact WWK for the application note, "Using and Organizing TWO COOL® Databases and Models."

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