Factory Commander®
Benefits/Value Proposition

“We've had great success using Factory Commander to do planning for our new products. It's enabled our internal customers to get a good picture of costs even before the demo phase of manufacturing.”

“The impact of Wright Williams & Kelly on our business is easy to see. Our business has developed much further and much faster through the use of your products and services.”

“Your products have been the cornerstone of our business and financial studies. We have been able to present our business effectively and attract high quality investors which allowed us to progress towards our vision.”

"We used to play budget games, now we know what we are really doing."

These are just a few of the comments that have been made by growing firms, from startups to members of the Dow Jones Industrial Average regarding the benefits of using Factory Commander®.

Business is too complex for back of the envelope or ever-changing spreadsheet calculations. For the first time there is a tool that bridges the gap, showing how products, technologies and financial issues interact.

How has Factory Commander® helped our customers? Examine the list of benefits that our customers developed for us then ask yourself, can I really afford to make decisions without Factory Commander®?

• Improves the budget planning cycle
• Supports "Green" initiatives
• Quantifies costs and benefits at various operating scales
• Drives product cost reductions
• Helps determine financial leverage with new technology opportunities
• Reduces operating costs
• Helps rank projects by return on investment (ROI)
• Saves money
• Helps technical staff to understand business implications of decisions
• Determines where time and money should be spent
• Helps management and line staff communicate more effectively
• Helps define benefits of cross functional programs
• Helps finance and technical personnel communicate more effectively
• Makes the decision process more objective
• Works in both new and existing factories
• Supports both large and small expenditure decisions
• Easy to learn
• Measures the impact of reliability and quality programs
• Globally supported
• Should we replace an existing tool with a new tool?
• Works in PC environment, no special hardware or software required

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