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Today, corporate survival is dependent upon the ability to formulate and execute the right strategy in increasingly competitive markets. Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. (WWK) has the unique capability to assist our clients in understanding the cost elements that drive their businesses and further assist them in formulating the right operational and market strategies.

WWK provides state-of-the-art software and services for productivity improvement and cost management. We are the leading developer and worldwide consultant for operational cost modeling and cost of ownership (COO) for the semiconductor and other capital-intensive industries. WWK further provides consulting services and implementation support in the areas of business development, business planning, and market strategies.

Through years of hands on experience for clients from diverse businesses around the globe, our teams provide the consulting services and training to meet industry’s high demands for creative, cost effective solutions.

Without equal, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. is dedicated to the research and development of software and services that help our clients make better decisions. Since 1991, we’ve delivered in excess of our client’s expectations. In return, we have received their trust and satisfaction and their most prestigious accolades - like the Texas Instruments Supplier Excellence Award.


Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. is a world recognized leader in operations analysis and cost modeling. Its flagship product, TWO COOL® is available for numerous application specific requirements including: Wafer Fabrication, Assembly & Packaging, Mask & Reticle Manufacturing, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing, Flat Panel Display and Solar Panel Manufacturing, as well as user defined manufacturing and assembly processes. TWO COOL® is the world's only comprehensive set of Cost of Ownership (COO) and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) analysis tools. When you need to know the cost impacts of new product developments, capital equipment purchases, materials changes, alternative processes, or OEE improvements, TWO COOL® is THE choice.

PRO COOL® offers the power to look at advanced applications of cost of ownership and capacity planning. Sophisticated analyses involving Process Sequences or Test Systems are constructed using TWO COOL® data sets and the elegantly simple PRO COOL® user interface. So, when you need to understand the cost impacts of alternative processes or test strategies, PRO COOL® meets the challenge.

WWK also offers a complete line of full factory analysis products. Factory Commander® is a financial evaluation model that can be applied to any discrete manufacturing or assembly operation. It performs high level cost analyses of overall factory and individual product costs, manufacturing capacity, and revenues. These features can be applied to strategic new factory design as well as tactical current factory optimization. Designed to answer your key business and financial questions, Factory Commander® reduces investment risk by allowing "what if" analyses of virtual factories.

Factory Explorer® is an integrated capacity, cost, and discrete-event simulation analysis tool designed to help you make smart business decisions. The Factory Explorer® capacity analysis engine quickly predicts system capacity and bottlenecks; the cost analysis engine calculates product costs and margins; the fast discrete-event simulation engine predicts your range of cycle times and work-in-process. So, if you need to know optimal factory size, how to reduce cycle time and product costs, locations of factory bottlenecks, or supply chain risk levels for lean manufacturing, Factory Explorer® is your competitive advantage.

COOL FUSION™ is an integrated sales tool platform employing TWO COOL® and OEM proprietary client side sales information. COOL FUSION™ allows organizations to empower their field sales force with cost of ownership, throughput calculations, customer requirements, and product configuration management while maintaining complete control of critical factors such as pricing.

In 1992, with the rapid growth of interest in cost of ownership, WWK developed the course
"Understanding and Using Cost of Ownership." This course provides a solid framework on COO from concepts through applications to hands on exercises. “Understanding and Using Cost of Ownership” has been adopted as the exclusive COO training program for Texas Instruments, Philips Semiconductor, SEMI, and ST Microelectronics, as well as numerous other industry leaders. Other COO courses from WWK include the management oriented "Making Decisions with Cost of Ownership" and "Making a Difference with Cost of Ownership" designed to sensitize operators to their impact on COO.

Productivity is one of the most critical elements in manufacturing success. This has led to an array of analysis methods to assist manufacturers in improving productivity. “Optimizing Equipment and Factory Productivity” explains which methods to use and how to apply those methods most efficiently.

The management of WWK has extensive experience in business development and product introductions. "How to Successfully Manage New Product Introductions" was developed in response to the clear difficulties and risks associated with the introduction of next generation products. The course provides mid- and senior-level managers involved in product development and introduction with a framework within which to maximize their opportunity for success.

Additionally, WWK has joined forces with our consulting affiliates to provide numerous courses in the critical areas of product and manufacturing improvement, including courses in Quality, Reliability, and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Wright Williams & Kelly provides a wide variety of
consulting services to support both its software products and clients. For cost, risk, and return on investment (ROI) analyses, WWK offers consulting services including data collection, application development, and results analysis and recommendation. Modeling services are offered without any requirement for the client to license software.

Factory level analysis requires a broader base of resources to address data collection and entry, model verification and validation, and results analysis and recommendation. To meet client demands on a global basis, WWK draws on the broad base of its affiliates program. These include experts in Lean Manufacturing, Quality and Reliability, Supply Chain Optimization, and Total Productive Maintenance.

WWK also offers a full range of business development consulting services. These services include strategic planning, product development, business development, benchmarking competitive analysis, and software development and integration.

Call today for more information from Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Providing software solutions for productivity measurement and enhancement since 1991.

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