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COOL FUSION™ is an integrated sales and marketing software solution employing TWO COOL®, the industry standard cost of ownership (COO) software, and your proprietary client side sales information. COOL FUSION™ allows organizations to empower their field sales force with a customer interactive tool. The unified sales interface is a fusion of cost of ownership, throughput calculations, customer requirements, and product configuration management. All of this is accomplished while maintaining complete control of critical factors such as pricing.

Customized to Your Business

COOL FUSION™ is a dynamic programming platform employing self-generating code that allows you to describe the way YOU do business and then it adapts to you, not the other way around. You determine what is important to your business processes. Our applications specialists will ask you a few straight forward questions and then our software services group will build your customized application in short order. Customized software delivered quickly and cost effectively - that's the power of COOL FUSION™!

Simplified User Interface

COOL FUSION™ configuration interface screen shot

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COOL FUSION™ provides a concise, customized user interface that allows sales personnel an ultra-quick learning curve. They can be up and running in minutes and providing their customers with real-time, value-added information instead of spending their time trying to track down relevant data. A single, tabbed screen employing pick lists and edit boxes simplifies navigation and ease of use.

The process is a simple as logging in, selecting the customer and base product of interest, and adding product options. The configuration is then saved and/or printed, documenting the discussions with the client and can be integrated with the product quotation process as either a stand alone tool or with internal control procedures. Further, if the client is interested in cost of ownership, a TWO COOL® report can be automatically generated based on the product configuration previously developed.

The Power of the Internet

COOL FUSION™ leverages the power of the Internet to drive standardization and information dissemination. However, it does not require an Internet connection for use with your clients COOL FUSION™ is a stand alone client side application featuring automatic updates through a standard Internet connection. Simply click on the “COOL Updates” button and COOL FUSION™ will check for new pricing information and other updates and messages from the factory.

The COOL Update function is a two way communication link that allows sales and marketing management to monitor the use of COOL FUSION™. Data on how often the tool is used, for which clients, and for which products can also be collected and then correlated to sales successes. Additionally, should any staff leave the company, this two way link allows for security procedures to disable COOL FUSION™ and protect its proprietary information.

Wide Ranging Applications

COOL FUSION™ is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of sales situations including capital equipment, materials, and services. As long as the product or service offering has options associated with its configuration, COOL FUSION™ is easily adapted to address your sales processes.

Benefits too Big to Ignore

COOL FUSION™ will differentiate your sales force in the market while providing these significant benefits:

•Increase valuable customer face time
•Increase sales credibility
•Quickly build value propositions for your customers
•Reduce product configuration and pricing errors
•Reduce COO support requirements in Marketing

Empower your sales force with Cost of Ownership

COOL FUSION™ cost of ownership interface screen shot

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COOL FUSION™ is supported by the world's leading operational modeling software and services provider, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Whether you need a software tool or a staff of on-site manufacturing experts, we provide the most cost effective solutions to your business needs.

Call today for more information from Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Providing software solutions for productivity measurement and enhancement since 1991.

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