What is the Trend in WIP and Cycle Time?

In any complex factory, WIP and cycle time vary as time passes. Understanding and controlling these trends can significantly improve a factory's on-time delivery performance. To see how a factory's WIP and cycle time change over time, use Factory Explorer®'s WIP and Cycle Time by Period Chart, shown below for Factory Explorer®'s sample Aspen model (based on data from SEMATECH's set4 testbed dataset). These results were generated using simulation ö no capacity analysis was required.

WIP and Cycle Time by Period Chart
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WIP & Cycle Time by Period Chart, Aspen model. The significant rise in WIP and cycle time in this factory makes it likely that the factory will soon have trouble meeting delivery dates.

The Factory Explorer® Advantage

With Factory Explorer® you have the ability to ramp all product, tool, operator, and process step attributes within a single model. You simply tell Factory Explorer® the real-world dates when changes occur, and it takes care of the rest. What's more, all of this data is stored in a single Factory Explorer® model. The days of creating separate models for different time periods in the factory life cycle are over. When you run Factory Explorer®, you tell it the starting date for the analysis, the run length, and the length of each analysis period (days, weeks, months, quarters, etc). Outputs are displayed for each analysis period, as in the chart above. Many outputs are also summarized across the entire replication, or the entire run if multiple replications are performed. Factory Explorer® - it's what modeling always promised but never before delivered.

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