Management Team Acquires
Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc.

Funding over-subscription fuels aggressive market support

September 18, 2003 (Pleasanton, CA) – A team led by current senior management and original co-founders of Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) announced today it has acquired the assets of the company. WWK was founded in 1991 and, since 1995, was operated as a subsidiary of CH2M Hill Industrial Design & Construction (IDC), the semiconductor industry’s leading engineering services provider.

Daren Dance, WWK’s VP of Technology and SEMI Metrics Committee Chairman, stated that all customer and technical support resources have been integrated into the new organization. “There will be no interruption in operations, customer service, or technical support. Our clients have been, and will remain, our top priority including meeting requests for permanent, on-site resources.”

“The acquisition team is excited about implementing our strategic vision,” stated David Jimenez, WWK co-founder and President. “With a full complement of highly qualified human resources and the financial backing provided by a significant over-subscription to our private placement, our customers can expect to see substantial enhancements to our software product line and support services in the immediate future.”

WWK is a vital industry resource as its productivity and cost management tools are powerful antidotes to the effects of deflation and the lack of product pricing power. And, in the midst of pervasive overcapacity, WWK’s tools can rationalize capital allocation.

Today’s key challenge for semiconductor manufacturers is to sell the output of their leading-edge fabs. Not many have control of enough high volume chip markets to run a leading-edge fab at peak production. WWK can help to efficiently match process capacity/technology with expected sales volume.

Additionally, non-300mm fabs are facing strategic milestones regarding upgrades, going fabless, consolidation, or niche applications. These involve significant capital decisions and WWK’s tools and consultants can assist in making these decisions efficient and effective.

With more than 2,800 users worldwide, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. is the largest privately held operational cost management company serving technology-dependent and technology-driven companies. WWK maintains long-term relationships with prominent industry resources including International SEMATECH, SELETE, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), and national labs and universities. Its client base includes most of the top 10 semiconductor manufacturers and equipment and materials suppliers as well as leaders in thin film record heads, magnetic media, flat panel displays, and solar panels.

WWK’s product line includes TWO COOL® for detailed process step level cost of ownership (COO) and overall equipment efficiency (OEE), PRO COOL® for process flow and test cell costing, Factory Commander® for full factory capacity analysis and activity based costing, and Factory Explorer® for cycle time reduction and WIP planning. Additionally, WWK offers a highly flexible product management software package that helps sales forces eliminate errors in product configuration and quotation processes.

Call today for more information from Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Providing software solutions for productivity measurement and enhancement since 1991.

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