Strategic Marketing Associates Releases More Powerful Version of World Fab Watch

July 13, 2001 (Santa Cruz, CA) - Strategic Marketing Associates announced today that it is shipping an enhanced version of World Fab Watch, the semiconductor industry's database of new and existing wafer fabs. World Fab Watch does not present information as just a list but also presents it in easy to read charts and tables of analyses. The questions industry insiders need answered are now preformatted for instantaneous review: Where are the new fabs being built? How much 300mm capacity will be on line by the end of this year? How much capacity are the foundries adding?

"Our job at Strategic Marketing Associates is to obtain accurate fab information and transmit it to the semiconductor industry," states George Burns, President of Strategic Marketing Associates. "Our fab database, World Fab Watch, which is distributed both by Strategic Marketing Associates and SEMI has set new standards for what a database can provide."

"All of this information, and more, is now in one Excel spreadsheet. Thanks to the software design work by Wright Williams & Kelly, we now spend much less time, significantly less time, moving and formatting data. Once we get the information from our chip company contacts, all we do is put it in the database, push a button and it all comes out formatted and ready for our customers to use. Finally, software that performs a promised."

"Our custom software consulting group is very pleased to have been associated with this project. World Fab Watch is a fundamental part of the decision making processes in the semiconductor industry," stated David Jimenez, President of Wright Williams & Kelly. "Our mission on both standard products, like our industry standard cost of ownership software TWO COOL®, and with custom software is to positively impact our customers' business processes by increasing their productivity and lowering their cost base. I am very glad to see that we have been able to accomplish this once again with Strategic Marketing Associates."

Strategic Marketing Associates' clients include the major semiconductor manufacturers, fabless semiconductor companies, fab builders, equipment companies, materials companies, development agencies, and financial institutions. The fab is where it all comes together. For the wafer fabrication information you need, Strategic Marketing Associates brings it all together and brings it all to you.


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