Wright Williams & Kelly Forms New Contract Software Development Group

December 12, 2000 Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) announced the release of COOL Fusion™, the first offering from its recently announced strategic alliance with Five Star Consulting. Additionally, WWK announced the formation of a new contract software development group to support COOL Fusion™ and other custom development projects. COOL Fusion™ is a powerful user interface that allows direct and indirect capital equipment sales forces to quickly configure their products and generate pricing, throughput, and cost of ownership (COO) reports.

COOL Fusion™ is based on a standard library of software objects that allow WWK to quickly customize the user interface to the customer's specific needs. Typical objects include user log-in, customer identification, equipment type, user defined input fields, and links to data tables and calculation engines. Data and calculation engines, such as TWO COOL® COO software, can be provided by the client's domain experts or by WWK.

During the development of this reusable sales platform, WWK found that many of their client's calculation engines were spreadsheet (Excel®) based. In order to eliminate the need for additional software packages to operate COOL Fusion™, WWK developed a process by which spreadsheets can be automatically converted to runtime objects. These objects maintain their functionality but no longer require a separate spreadsheet program to operate. This development opens a very large opportunity to clients who want to distribute spreadsheet based programs with higher security and without the need to consider the impact of multiple spreadsheet versions and environments.

"Over the past three months our strategic alliance has yielded some very powerful tools to provide quick turn, custom software development to our clients," states David Jimenez, President of WWK. "While COOL Fusion™ promises to provide a tremendous value-add to our clients' sales forces, there may be even a larger benefit in our spreadsheet conversion platform. Just think of how many spreadsheet based financial and engineering programs are distributed each year with little or no control once they are out of the hands of the developer."


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