Wright Williams & Kelly Releases New Sales Force Productivity Software

April 2, 2001 (Pleasanton, CA) - Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) announced today the release of COOL FUSION™, its Internet enabled sales force productivity software. COOL FUSION™ incorporates a powerful user interface that allows direct and indirect sales forces to quickly configure their products and generate pricing/quotations, and, if relevant, throughput and cost of ownership (COO) reports.

COOL FUSION™ is based on a standard library of software objects that allow WWK to quickly customize the user interface to the customer's specific needs. Typical objects include user log-in, customer identification, equipment/product type, user defined product configuration fields, and links to data tables and calculation engines. Data and calculation engines, such as TWO COOL® COO software, can be provided by the client's domain experts or by WWK.

COOL FUSION™ is a dynamic programming platform that allows the end user to describe the way they do business and then it adapts to them, not the other way around. The end user determines what is important to their business processes. WWK applications specialists will ask a few straight forward questions and then WWK's software services group will build the customized application in short order. Customized software delivered quickly and cost effectively - that's the power of COOL FUSION™!

COOL FUSION™ provides a concise, customized user interface that allows sales personnel an ultra-quick learning curve. They can be up and running in minutes and providing their customers with real time, value-added information instead of spending their time trying to track down relevant data. A single, tabbed screen employing pick lists and edit boxes simplifies navigation and ease of use.

COOL FUSION™ will differentiate sales forces in the market while providing these significant benefits:

  • Increase valuable customer face time
  • Increase sales credibility
  • Quickly build value propositions for customers
  • Reduce product configuration and pricing errors
  • Reduce COO support requirements in Marketing


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