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Friday, April 14, 1995 (Dublin, Calif.) -- Under SEMATECH's cost of ownership (COO) commercialization contract, Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) announced today the release of their long awaited enhanced cost of ownership software, TWO COOL®. "Effective with the release of the updated software, SEMATECH will no longer distribute or support their Revision B Cost of Ownership software," states Daren Dance, SEMATECH's Cost Modeling Team Leader.

Major features of TWO COOL® v2.0 include a user configurable interface, a simplified 14 input COO model option, a built in database for data storage and retrieval, an automatic weighted average process recipe input mode, built in sensitivity analysis, wafer based consumables and scheduled maintenance, and input data error checking. TWO COOL® v2.0 is available directly from Wright Williams & Kelly.

"With over 1200 copies of COO in use, SEMATECH's COO Revision B was becoming a de facto standard. However, supporting this de facto standard diverts resources from the SEMATECH mission of solving future technical and manufacturing challenges. User recommendations and SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International) guidelines have been incorporated into TWO COOL® as a joint development between SEMATECH and WWK. SEMATECH has acquired a site license to use this software," writes Mr. Dance in his letter notifying existing COO users.

SEMATECH is a non-profit research consortium of major U.S. semi-conductor manufacturers and the Department of Defense. Its mission is to solve the technical challenges required to keep the U.S. number one in the global semiconductor marketplace.

Wright Williams & Kelly is a cost reduction modeling and business management consulting company. It provides technology-dependent and technology-driven industries with business management consulting services and software products for productivity measurement and enhancement.


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