Wright Williams & Kelly

Read-Rite and Wright Williams & Kelly
Donate Advanced Manufacturing
Software to San Jose State University

February 23, 1998 (Pleasanton, CA) - It was announced today that Read-Rite Corporation and Wright Williams & Kelly have donated an advanced manufacturing software license to the San Jose State University College of Engineering. The product, Factory Explorer®, is the only software tool that combines capacity and financial analyses with discrete event simulation.

According to SJSU Professor Louis Freund, "We are very excited to receive this gift. The contribution of Factory Explorer® is especially important to the College of Engineering since it is state-of-the-art software currently used by many high tech manufacturers. Our ability to teach with this advanced tool represents a wonderful opportunity for our student community. We thank Read-Rite and WWK and look forward to making the most of this exciting new resource."

Joel Trinidad, Manufacturing Systems Supervisor of Read-Rite and an Industrial and Systems Engineering graduate of SJSU states, "We are pleased to participate in this donation. Read-Rite has a special relationship with San Jose State University and we recognize that this donation helps all our organizations. In particular, we would like to acknowledge WWK, our software supplier, for creating this opportunity."

"WWK believes that the value of academic/industrial cooperation serves both communities well," states David W. Jimenez, WWK's Vice President and General Manager. "We are thrilled that Read-Rite has designated San Jose State University, the largest University in Silicon Valley, as the recipient of this gift."

San Jose State University, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is the largest source of engineering, science, and business graduates for the world's most exciting technology center. Industrial and Systems Engineering programs prepare engineers for a broad scope of systems analysis and design challenges that deal with improving the overall performance of an organization or system.

Read-Rite Corporation is the world's leading independent manufacturer of recording heads, head gimbal assemblies (HGAs) and head stack assemblies (HSAs) for disk drives and magnetoresistive heads for quarter-inch-cartridge tape drives. The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California and has operations in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. Read-Rite employs some 23,000 people.


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