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Tokyo Electron Acquires
Universal License for

February 19, 1997 (Dublin, CA) - Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) announced today that Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL), the world's second largest equipment supplier to the IC industry, has acquired a universal license for WWK's cost of ownership products. The products, TWO COOL® for process step cost of ownership and PRO COOL® for process sequence cost of ownership, are being delivered for use at Tokyo Electron Ltd. and its subsidiary facilities. The universal license allows TEL to have an unrestricted number of users at any location worldwide.

According to Akira Ouchi, Assistant Manager of TEL's Marketing Department for the SPE Group, "We have used TWO COOL® for several years and appreciate its effectiveness in helping us understand cost of ownership. This upgrade to a universal license will now allow all our locations around the world to take advantage of this powerful technique."

Commenting on the purchase of the universal license, David Jimenez, WWK's Vice President and General Manager stated, "We are very pleased that Tokyo Electron, Japan's largest equipment supplier to the IC industry, has upgraded to a universal license with us. We believe this purchase reflects confidence in our products, as well as the growing importance of cost of ownership. We are very encouraged that they also acquired PRO COOL®, which enables TEL look at process sequences in an automated fashion."

Tokyo Electron is one of the top manufacturers of semiconductor and LCD production equipment in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is a $4.2 billion global company with over 6,800 employees worldwide. The company is committed to customer satisfaction.


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