Cost of Test Simulation Software
Released by WWK

June 24, 1999 (Pleasanton, CA) - Wright Williams & Kelly, the world's leading supplier of operational modeling software and consulting services, announced today that it has begun shipping its much anticipated PRO COOL® for Wafer Sort & Final Test. The software is designed to provide semiconductor manufacturers and test system suppliers the ability to determine the Cost of Test prior to purchase or design implementation. PRO COOL® for Wafer Sort & Final Test is the next generation of Cost of Ownership (COO) software for test floor operations. PRO COOL® utilizes the world standard in COO software, TWO COOL®, to build descriptions of test cell components while integrating all test specific information into a single, unified software model. PRO COOL® answers these key questions:

  • What is the Cost of Test?
  • Which component of the test cell is the bottleneck?
  • What are the activities that drive test cell costs?
  • How many test cells are needed to meet demand?
  • What is the lot processing time?
PRO COOL®'s design allows the user to perform sophisticated capacity planning and analysis, including independent selection of start or ship rates, single test cell maximum capacity, or user specified number of test cells. Define a capacity ramp and PRO COOL® calculates the test cell installation plan.


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