Wright Williams & Kelly

WWK Signs Wafer Fab COO
Software License with Texas Instruments

January 12, 1996 (Dublin, CA) - Wright Williams & Kelly announced today the signing of a global license with Texas Instruments for its TWO COOL® wafer fab Cost of Ownership (COO) software. The license covers all current and future wafer fabs operated by Texas Instruments and will be used for both new equipment purchases and on-going supplier management.

"Based on our evaluation, we selected TWO COOL® as a global standard for several reasons," states David L. Bouldin, Texas Instruments' Manager of Equipment Evaluation and Improvement Methods. These reasons include increased performance and user friendliness over our existing COO model, global availability which allows us to interact with our supplier base in a more effective manner, conformance to all current SEMI standards, and established COO training provided to TI by WWK.

According to Bouldin, "TI uses Cost of Ownership as a key metric in our major wafer fab equipment and process decisions, so it is important for TI to have an efficient and standardized COO software package. As the number of our suppliers using this package increases, it will greatly simplify our communication and increase our mutual understanding. The entire industry can benefit from using a standardized, SEMI compliant, COO software package."

"We are very excited about Texas Instruments expanding their licenses for TWO COOL® on such a large scale," says David Jimenez, WWK's VP & GM. "The breadth of this implementation, both in terms of applications and geography, clearly demonstrates the power of a good Cost of Ownership package."

This agreement represents the first large scale global license for TWO COOL®. The Texas Instruments' order represents a second milestone for WWK. TWO COOL® is now in use at over 100 customer sites. This is especially significant in that TWO COOL® has only been on the market since the completion of the SEMATECH/WWK joint development program in the second quarter of 1995.

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