PRO COOL® for Process Sequences

PRO COOL® takes cost of ownership (COO) analysis to the next step in factory level integration. PRO COOL® allows the user to leverage their current TWO COOL® cost of ownership data files to string together process sequences to provide the answers to key questions:

• What is the COO of the process sequence?
• What are the bottlenecks to capacity?
• What are the cost drivers?
• How many tools are needed?

Leverage Your COO Investment

Since PRO COOL® automatically imports your previously constructed TWO COOL® data files, the amount of additional data entry is minimal. Simply tell PRO COOL® how many unit starts or ships the process flow must target then point and click to assign a process step number to the TWO COOL® data files. It's that simple!

Capacity Planning & Analysis

PRO COOL®'s algorithmic design allows the user to perform sophisticated capacity planning and analysis, including independent selection of input or output capacity, single tool per tool group analysis, and equipment quantity recommendations with user override. Input a capacity requirement and PRO COOL® will calculate the tool set or input the tool set and calculate the starts or ships. Define a capacity ramp and let PRO COOL® calculate a tool set installation plan. The comprehensive data analysis includes reports, charts, and automatic sensitivity analysis. PRO COOL® even identifies bottlenecks and minimum cycle time.

PRO COOL® Point and Click Data Entry

PRO COOL® Point and Click Data Entry screen shot

PRO COOL® Integrates Capacity Analysis and Cost Modeling

PRO COOL® Pareto cost driver chart

Applications & Compatibility

PRO COOL® opens the door to a whole new set of modeling applications. Compare the cost of new planarization schemes or automatically cost a reticle. Determine the cost impact of hard automation or evaluate a new packaging operation. PRO COOL® answers your important questions quickly and effectively.

Whether you're working in the wafer fab, assembly and packaging, mask manufacturing, or other manufacturing and assembly operations, PRO COOL® provides an efficient and effective solution to understanding process flow costs and capacity.

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