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• 450mm Economics Report Order Form
In April 2007, WWK conducted the first survey of semiconductor industry professionals asking, among other things, about the expected arrival date of 450mm wafers. The most common answer was 2013 or later, which was the last date specific choice. However, WWK was surprised to find that nearly 40% answered that 450mm wafers would never happen. Subsequently, WWK decided to look closer at 450mm wafers and their impact on semiconductor manufacturing economics. The findings of that study are presented in the report entitled, “An Economic Comparison of 450mm and 300mm Fabs.”

• Image Qualification versus Direct Mask Inspection Order Form
This report examines image qualification on test wafers and direct mask inspection. The data used in this report consists of litho cell data previously developed by Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. (WWK) and publicly published data regarding inspection strategies and costs. This report has been funded by WWK and was not influenced by outside entities with vested interests in capital equipment sales. As such, WWK has examined various scenarios that fabs face on a daily basis. As expected, each of these approaches has merit; the question is how the cost structures change based on the operating conditions of the fab.

• Making the American Worker Great Again: The Fallacy of Labor Costs
This article examines the real factors influencing factory location decisions and the fallacy that the determining factor is wage rates. The article uses a photovoltaic (PV) factory as an example and shows the sensitivity of product costs and cash flow to labor rates and government controlled factors.

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