Software & Integration Consulting

• What are the data requirements and where are the most relevant data sources?
• What are the software requirements?
• How can I test my software requirements and specifications?
• How do I implement needed software systems?
• How can I convert my Excel spreadsheet to useful, user friendly software?


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Project Description Company Description Benefits Related Links
Data collection and financial analysis Chemical company Strategic advantage ACM Mar 2001, p.1
ACM Sept 2000, p.11
Requirements gathering for implementing simulation modeling in their sales and ACM Marketing process Electronic Assembly Equipment Manufacturer Data Validation, Verification ACM Dec 1999, p.1
Develop Quality and Reliability Goals and Specifications Equipment suppliers and users Higher Quality and Reliability, Lower COO  
Develop and Deploy Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) Equipment suppliers and users Higher Quality Reliability, and Safety, Lower COO  
Deploy SEMI Specification for Reliability SEMI E10 and for Productivity SEMI E79 Equipment suppliers and Users Higher Reliability and Productivity (OEE), Lower COO ACM Mar 1999, p.9
Manufacturing Site selection and planning Internal Use   ACM Jun 1999, p.1
Architect and manage various unique software projects Semiconductor manufacturers Improve equipment performance measurement & management  

Wright Williams & Kelly offers a complete suite of custom software consulting services. WWK's
Software Engineering group provides complete custom solutions through their experienced
Project Managers and Software Engineers. These solutions cover the entire development
cycle including requirements gathering, specification development, software development,
testing, installation, training/documentation, and ongoing support.

The WWK staff specializes in quickly understanding the client's business to identify the right
solution for the problem. This often includes working across a client's various departments
to ensure the solution integrates completely within their entire organization.

Our software architects turn the business requirements into the best possible software
solutions. The client can get a very clear picture of what the end product will look like and
how it will function before any code is written. Our specialty is solving complex problems
with user interfaces that are as intuitive and simple to use as an ATM (automated teller

WWK's software engineers average 15 years of development experience. The WWK
development methodology and standards produce high quality code that runs efficiently and
is easily supportable.

Our testing methodology includes both unit and system testing to ensure that the code
functions according to specification and that the overall look and feel of the design has been
maintained. The client is included in this process to ensure both developer and user
perspectives are represented.

Our installation process ensures a seamless transition into the user's tool set and into the
client's existing software environment. This includes the necessary turnover for client support.

Professional training is provided, when necessary, to quickly get users proficient with their
new tools. Our documentation staff is capable of producing any level of support including
manuals, on-line help, or complete training curriculums.

WWK provides full product life cycle support. This can range from end user support to future enhancements to the software.

Our custom solutions include but are not limited to accounting, financial, reporting, inventory,
time records management, process automation, integration between systems, and commercial
product development.

WWK's professional staff and refined methodologies provide a very positive consulting
experience for our clients while solving some of their most complex business problems.

Call today for more information from Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Providing business
solutions for productivity and cost management since 1991.

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