Supply Chain Analysis Consulting

• What does my supply chain look like?
• Where is the largest source of risk in my supply chain?
• How much will Just-In-Time benefit me? My customer?
• What are my inventory requirements to meet my customerís production schedule?
• How does variance in performance impact my products and processes?
• How does my incoming parts quality impact my Lean Manufacturing implementation?
• Where should I consolidate my supply chain?


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Project Description Company Description Benefits Related Links
Improve productivity of DRAM fab DRAM mfg Reduce cycle time, Improve tool throughput ACM Sept 2000, p.1
Review and Assess Equipment Designs for Quality, Reliability, Safety, Manufacturability, and Maintainability Equipment Supplier Higher Quality, Reliability, and Safety; Better Maintainability and Manufacturability; Lower COO Link to recommended book " Hi-tech Reliability"
Reliability Predictions Equipment supplier Higher Reliability; Lower COO  
Develop and Deploy Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) Equipment suppliers and users Higher Quality, Reliability, and Safety; Lower COO  
Quality System Assessment and Training Using Standardized Supplier Quality Assessment (SSQA) Process Equipment suppliers and users Higher Quality, Reliability, and Safety; Lower COO  
Analysis of semiconductor DRAM supply chain and delivery risk Internal Use Determine minimum inventories Supply chain white paper
Manufacturing Site selection and planning Internal Use Higher Reliability; Lower COO ACM Jun 1999, p. 1
Estimate impacts of changes in marketing strategies on competitor's revenue Packaging supplier Refine marketing strategy ACM Mar 2000, p. 1
Forecast impacts of a new technology on the cost and profitability of a semiconductor wafer fab Research & Development organization Validate continued R&D, establish marketing strategy ACM Sept 2001, p. 5
Integrated supply chain evaluation of Cost Structures for commercialization of ChipSeal process from military application Semiconductor Materials Supplier Combined Cost Analysis  
Evaluated a passivation material and process technology for overall product cost impact on semiconductor fabrication and final assembly Semiconductor Materials Supplier Lower Cost  
Assess and improve productivity of manufacturing operations Various sc manufacturers Reduce mfg cycle time and costs ACM Mar 2000, p. 10
Assess relative technical/business strengths/weakness of SC eqpt mfgrs Wall Street Guide investment decisions  

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