Factory Commander® v3.X Tech Alerts

The following is a list of errors found and corrected after the initial release of Factory Commander v3.0.

Error 2004-11291: For models that have linked products, the exported spreadsheet of the Product Cost & Resource report displayed incorrect values for the Building Capital row. Specifically, this error was evident for Building Capital only for product family grouping (sum of all sub-products). This issue was restricted to the exported spreadsheet report and did not affect independent product types or individual sub-products within product families. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-11301: When running sensitivity analyses on a model that has one or more linked products, the unit costs for years later than the first year were inaccurate. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-12241: On the Materials Used at Step (viewed by step) screen, text entered in the comment field would disappear and was not stored upon leaving the field. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-12261: When attempting to view the input report Facility Capital Expenditures, an error message would appear saying that the variable FCAP_DEPR could not be found and the report would not be displayed. Status: Fixed.

Error 2005-01021: On the Quarterly Income Report, the sum for overhead category costs were inaccurate for the second year and later. This error only applied to the right column sum of the four quarters and only to the individual overhead category values (the sum for the total overhead cost was correct). Status: Fixed

Error 2004-10061: The exported spreadsheet version of the Product Cost Summary report presented incorrect values for the Material & Supplies row. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-10191: The exported spreadsheet version of both the Product Cost & Resource Summary and the Unit Cost Summary reports presented incorrect unit costs values for models with one or more product families (products arranged as multiple, linked sub-products). This error related to all cost categories presented in the export spreadsheet. This issue only applied to the exported report, and did not apply to independent product types or individual sub-products within product families. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-10201: When exporting spreadsheet version of the Product Cost & Resource Summary report for models with one or more product families (products arranged as multiple, linked sub-products), the row for the Starting Material Cost in the Cost by Sector portion of the report was omitted. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-11151: When running a sensitivity analysis of Final Yield on models with one or more product families (products arranged as multiple, linked sub-products), the resulting unit cost were invalid. This error only applied to yield sensitivity reports and graphs and did not affect any of the calculated reports. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-07291: When attempting to import a TWO COOL 3.0 model into Factory Commander, in certain situations in a series of error messages would result. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-07301: In certain modeling conditions the payback and breakeven time periods calculated and presented on the Financial Summary report were inaccurate. For models where the modeling timeframe was one of the non-uniform period types (e.g. a mix of quarters and years, or months and quarters), the payback and breakeven periods would be smaller than it should have been, and therefore too optimist. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08041: When entering new material items for use at process steps via the “Material Used at Step (viewed by step)” screen, any additional items beyond the first that were entered for a step were not saved when the screen was closed and later re-opened. These material items were not saved to underlying database tables and therefore were not displayed in other locations of the program, such as the "Materials Used at Step" screen or the reports specific to material items in a model. This issue was restricted to entries made at the Material Used at Step (viewed by step) screen only. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08111: An error message was generated when attempting to switch between two models that were already open. This error only occurred if a user switched between models by using the Active Model drop-down list on the Model Summary window. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08112: When importing Labor Used at Tool Group data from spreadsheet, the program would not trigger all the required program calculations to be automatically done. This in turn would result in the reporting of incorrect information, specifically that the new labor groups assignments at the tool group, or their assigned quantities would not be reflected in the program’s calculation of headcount. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08181: If maintenance technicians were modeled based on downtime (i.e. via the Maintenance Labor page of the Equipment Data screen), then an incorrect cost at the process step and sector could be calculated. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08191: The inputs for non-manufacturing space that are percentages based on cleanroom space would become zero values when upgrading old models (v2.7 or earlier) to the v3.0 release. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08241: On the Cash Flow reports, the total cash uses line would display an incorrect value in situation where a stating material cost was for one or more products has been included in a model. Status: Fixed

Error 2004-08242: When exporting input data to spreadsheet where the currency is specified as something other than dollars, the currency symbols in the header of the spreadsheet would display ‘$’ as opposed to the user-defined currency. Status: Fixed

Error 2004-08243: When exporting input data to spreadsheet where the space unit is specified as ‘m2’ rather than ‘sq.ft.’, the header in the spreadsheet would show the space amounts and space rates as ‘sq. ft.’ Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08244: In model where labor headcount is specified (e.g. overwritten with factory-level inputs) for one or more labor groups, when the labor group data was exported to spreadsheet, zero values would appear in the spreadsheet. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-08261: In certain instances the values for facility capital depreciation were incorrectly calculated by the program. This error related to models where multiple facility expenditure records were established at different data sessions via the interface. Status: Fixed. If the facility capital depreciation amounts as presented on the Capital Cost Summary report are incorrect in your model you will need to correct this problem by exporting the entire facility capital list to spreadsheet, deleting all the facility capital records from within Factory Commander and then importing the spreadsheet.

Error 2004-09031: When modeling a family of products arranged as multiple, linked (transformed) sub-products where at least two of the sub-products were specified as “Dependent, Front-end”, there was the potential for the production volume to not be calculated for all dependant sub-products within the product family. This error would only occur in models where one of the front-end sub-products had its production volume specified as Units Started, such that the unit starts calculated in the other front-end product would not be made for any of its process steps. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-09021: When modeling labor groups (i.e. operators or support labor) that are assigned to the tool groups, under certain conditions the cost calculation of direct labor at the process step was incorrect. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-09071: When printing Excel files to certain printers, where the file was created by Factory Commander, occasionally the system generating the printed output would crash. Status: Fixed. This problem only occurred with certain printers, such as the HP 4100. It was caused by the use of Arial Unicode font (the font that had been used for all spreadsheets produced from the Factory Commander application). The font has now been changed to the standard Arial for all Excel files produced from the application.

Error 2004-09081: If a model contained one or more rework loops in its process flow, the program potentially would not calculate the production volume for all time periods beyond the initial period. This error would only be evident for a model that was newly created in the v3.0 version of Factory Commander, or if the rework loop was newly created in this version. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-09082: Product having lengthy process flows (250 steps or more) that were exported to allCLEAR were displayed as a blank page instead of the flow chart. Status: Pending Solution. The problem is associated with a known issue in the OLE automation with the allCLEAR v5.5 (and prior) program. Since this issue is outside the Factory Commander application no fix is possible from WWK. This problem has been solved with the latest allCLEAR release (v6.1).

Error 2004-09131: When flow charts were exported to allCLEAR with process flows that contained one or more rework/repair loops, the flow chart would incorrectly represent the repair step in allCLEAR as a duplicate box that was not properly linked in the flow. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-09211: Under certain screen resolutions, when the Labor Data screen is initially opened, the tab page area does not expand to the full extent of the form. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-09212: Conversion of a report to RTF format results in a message “unknown target” and the RTF file is not created. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-06151: While reviewing/modifying data in the Material Used at Step screen, error messages would be generated if the column header was clicked to resort the list. This error typically occurred after spreadsheet data was imported in the program. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-06171: The calculation for depreciation was incorrect for tool groups that were specified as in-place (previously purchased) where the purchase date coincided with the start of the modeling timeframe. The error was that depreciation was omitted from the first quarter of the modeling timeframe and only represented in the second quarter (Q2) and later. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-06201: When creating new tool groups on the Define Tool Groups page of the Equipment Data screen, the newly created tool group records did not appear on the list once the screen was closed and reopened. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-06231: Under certain conditions while editing data via the Process Step Data screen | Step Yields & Rework page, if the Yields Over Time button was clicked an error message would appear: “Error 1586: Function requires row or table buffering mode.” Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-06261: In some instances the user-defined depreciation schedules would become duplicated in the program database. This would result in the multiple listings of the same depreciation method ID presented on the drop-down lists for their selection at the capital resources (e.g. Building, Tool Group, etc.). This issue was strictly cosmetic and did not effect the calculations of capital cost. Status: Fixed. Duplicate records are now automatically eliminated from the database with no resulting loss or modification of data.

Error 2004-06271: The column headers for Q2 through Q4 on the Quarterly Analysis reports displayed erroneous year indicators for the second fiscal year (Year 2) and later. This issue only applied to reports where data were presented in four quarterly columns per page. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-07021: When editing data Operational Labor records or Maintenance Labor records from the Equipment Data screen, the new or revised inputs would not be saved even after the Update button on that screen was clicked. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-07151: Models that had one or more in-place tools specified in conjunction with facility capital expenditures modeled on the bases of utility construction rates (implemented facility capital space rates based on $/sq. ft. or m2) had the potential to incorrectly calculate the capital expenditures for the facility’s utility construction. The incorrect calculation was due to the space requirements for the in-place tools not being included in the overall added space amount for the initial time period of the model. This resulted in an omission of the facility capital expenditure for that faction of space used, and its resulting depreciable amounts. Status: Fixed.

Error 2004-07211: When importing TWO COOL 3.0 models into Factory Commander the Labor Availability % as presented in the Labor Data | Labor Usage page was incorrect. Its value was one hundredth of what it should have been (e.g. 0.80% instead of 80%). Status: Fixed.

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