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TWO COOL® is the world's leading Cost of Ownership (COO) and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) modeling software. With more than 2500 users at over 100 international organizations, TWO COOL® is the global standard. An impressive customer list includes world leaders in high tech manufacturing including: Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Philips Semiconductors, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Siemens, Teradyne, and Tokyo Electron. TWO COOL® provides a ready vehicle for communicating data between manufacturers and suppliers.

Point and click sensitivity analysis makes 'what if' scenarios a breeze

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With the release of TWO COOL® version 3, the user is provided with a full suite of application choices. No longer do you need to purchase separate software packages to meet your modeling requirements. TC3 applications include wafer fab, assembly & packaging, mask & reticle manufacturing, board manufacturing, panel manufacturing and a new user defined mode.

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TWO COOL® is the only standardized, commercial COO/OEE model used in front-end semiconductor manufacturing. How powerful is TWO COOL® for Wafer Fab? A customer recently used TWO COOL® to optimize preventative maintenance procedures for a key tool set in their factories worldwide and reported over $20 million in annual cost savings.

Wafer fab specific enhancements to TWO COOL® include analysis of equipment yield, defect limited yield, and parametric limited yield. Defect limited yield modeling incorporates state-of-the-art techniques that earned Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. a leadership role in the Defect Reduction Technical Working Group for the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS).

Additional features are dedicated wafer fab nomenclature and automated calculations for lithography tools that make it simple and fast to evaluate the impact of changes in parameters, such as alignment strategy and exposure energy.


TWO COOL® for Assembly & Packaging provides applications specific data input for semiconductor back-end processes including integrated wire bonder capacity calculations. The Assembly & Packaging mode utilizes the same dynamic user interface design as the wafer fab modes, thus eliminating any learning curve issues for semiconductor manufacturers implementing both software models.

Designed by industry leading assembly and packaging experts, TWO COOL® puts COO and OEE into terms you use every day. You no longer need to adapt front-end wafer based models to approximate back-end environments.

Create a clear understanding of the impact of data uncertainties

throughput versus cost of ownership chart

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TWO COOL® for Mask Manufacturing was developed at the request of the semiconductor industry's leading advanced photomask research organizations. Given the shorter process flows in photomask manufacturing, TWO COOL® , in combination with PRO COOL®, provides a simple to use modeling environment to determine overall mask manufacturing costs and pricing strategies.


The Board Manufacturing mode in TWO COOL® version 3 was designed in conjunction with one of the world's leading suppliers of surface mount technology machines. As other industries have emulated the management systems of the semiconductor industry, TWO COOL® has kept pace. Rapid change and large capital investments require standardized productivity and cost management.


The Panel Manufacturing mode was created to support both Flat Panel Display and Solar Panel manufacturing. These rapidly growing industries look to TWO COOL® as their standard approach to COO and OEE.


TWO COOL® has supported many diverse efforts, from disk media and silicon manufacturing to food manufacturing and vehicle fleet replacement analysis. Cost of Ownership is a powerful technique and with the introduction of TWO COOL®'s new user defined mode, you can now customize TWO COOL® to your industry and application.

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