Technical Alert #10
for All Users of Factory Commander® v2.3x

Summary: In Factory Commander® versions 2.3.x prior to 2.3.6, the individual overhead cost line items shown in the Product and Total Cost by Category Summary reports may not equal the Overhead & Non-Production category total.

Details: For models containing two or more user-defined overhead categories and two or more products, the individual overhead line items may not be correctly calculated. In either the Product Cost by Category or Factory Cost by Category reports, the calculated values for the individual overhead categories do not equal the Overhead Category total (shown on the same report). The Overhead Cost category totals are accurate in both reports. This error only occurs in multi-product models containing two or more user-defined overhead cost categories that are calculated by a product-specific driver (i.e. revenue, units started, or units completed).

This issue has been resolved in the v2.3.6 update to Factory Commander®. This update will ship to warranty and maintenance contract customers shortly.

Techalert fc10-9908


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