Technical Alert #11 for Windows 2000 Users of Factory Commander®


The current HASP drivers supplied with the Factory Commander® CD may not install properly on a computer with Windows 2000. If you are not using Windows 2000, please disregard this Technical Alert.


If you have tried to previously install the HASP drivers on a Win2000 computer, the drivers are probably partially installed. Run your existing HaspSetup.exe again to the point where you get the options "Typical", "Custom", and "Uninstall". Choose "Uninstall" to remove the existing drivers. This step should run without any error. If you do not get an "Uninstall" button it means that the HASP drivers have not been previously installed - in that case simply cancel the install and move on to step 2.

Open up a browser window and go to this URL:


Download the file and unzip it (will create HDD32.exe).

(NOTE: HDD32.exe is the latest version of HaspSetup.exe - HDD32.exe is the name Aladdin assigns - we rename it to HaspSetup.exe when we include it with Factory Commander®.)

Run HDD32.exe to install the latest version of the HASP drivers. You must be logged in as Administrator or as a user with Administrator privileges to execute this step.

Run Factory Commander® to test that it can see the HASP key.

Techalert fc11-0011

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