Technical Alert #3
for TWO COOL® Users
of Factory Commander® v2.3

Summary: During import of TWO COOL® data into Factory Commander®, a numeric overflow message may be generated if any model stored in the TWO COOL® database is not a "Type 4" (complete model).

Details: In Factory Commander® v2.3.1 and prior releases, when particular TWO COOL® data is being imported into a Factory Commander® model, a numeric overflow message will be generated and the application terminated. This only occurs in situations where the source TWO COOL® database file contains one or more model records that were not saved as complete models (anything other than "Type 4").

This issue is resolved in the v2.3.2 update to Factory Commander®. In this update TWO COOL® database records other than "Type 4" are automatically excluded from import into Factory Commander®. This update will ship to warranty and maintenance contract customers shortly.

Workaround: First, ensure that the TWO COOL® database file being imported only contains model records saved as "Type 4." If other partial records exist, then copy the database to other Excel file, open this file in Excel and delete those record columns. Save this file and import it into Factory Commander®.

Techalert fc3-9903


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