Technical Alert #4
for allCLEAR v4.x Users
of Factory Commander® v2.3

Summary: When flow chart diagrams are generated from Factory Commander® 2.3.x into allCLEAR v4.x, the flow chart image is not automatically presented and must be manually retrieved.

Details: In the v2.2 and v2.3.x releases of Factory Commander®, when generating a process flow chart diagram that is to be viewed using allCLEAR v4.0.3, the export file program is not shown. Though the allCLEAR program is executed without difficulty, the flow chart diagram does not display automatically as intended. The flow chart can be viewed in allCLEAR by manually selecting the .ACL file previously exported from Factory Commander®. This is accomplished by selecting the Open item on the File menu and opening that file.

This problem is not caused by the Factory Commander® application, but instead is an OLE Automation programming oversight associated with the allCLEAR application. The developers of allCLEAR, SPSS Inc., have corrected this issue in their v4.5 upgrade. Current users of allCLEAR 4.0.x can upgrade to v4.5 free of charge by visiting the SPSS allCLEAR web site at This issue does not apply to users of allCLEAR version 3.5.x.

Workaround: Upgrade to allCLEAR v4.5 (see the web site listed above), or use the manual retrieval procedure described above to open the exported .ACL file.

Techalert fc4-9903


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