Technical Alert #6
for All Users of Factory Commander® v2.3

Summary: In Factory Commander® versions 2.3.3 and prior, when importing equipment data using labor groups that have Labor IDs that start with a non-numeric character, the labor group reference fails to be included with the equipment group.

Details: In current and prior releases of Factory Commander®, if a labor group has an ID that starts with a non-numeric character and that group is used at one or more equipment groups, when importing equipment data Factory Commander® will ignore the labor group references. No error or warning messages are presented during this event. Instead, the program incorrectly assumes the "null" labor ID reference ("No Labor Used") and replaces this ID in the Factory Commander® internal equipment database.

This error applies to the three uses of Operational and Support labor, as well as Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance usage. This issue does not affect labor groups that have strictly numeric IDs, or alphanumeric IDs that start with numeric digits. This error has been corrected in the v2.3.4 update to Factory Commander®. This update will ship to warranty and maintenance contract customers shortly.

Workaround: Ensure that the labor IDs begin with a numeric character.

Techalert fc6-9905


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