Technical Alert #8
for All Users of Factory Commander® v2.3

Summary: In Factory Commander® versions 2.3.x prior to 2.3.5, new usage of material items cannot be established via the Material Used at Step screen.

Details: When attempting to establish a material that is to be used at a process step, the program fails to include the material item in the usage list. A similar problem occurs when trying to change the usage quantities for a previously existing material. No error or warning messages appear during this event, the program simply will not add the material to the step. This error is restricted to the functionality of the Material Used at Step screen and does not affect the calculation or reporting of material that currently exist within Factory Commander® models. This error also does not affect a user's ability to define and edit material item costs from the Material List screen.

This issue has been resolved in the v2.3.5 update to Factory Commander®. This update will ship to warranty and maintenance contract customers shortly.

Workaround: Use the Data Export and Data Import features accessible from the Material Used at Step screen to add/modify material usage records via M.S. Excel or other spreadsheets.

Techalert fc8-9906


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