Technical Alert #9
for All Users of Factory Commander® v2.3

Summary: In Factory Commander® versions 2.3.x prior to 2.3.5, runtime errors occur for models that contain multiple products where no production demand exists for one or more of the products being modeled.

Details: For models containing two or more products with a zero value entered for Production Demand (e.g. no units started) in one or more time periods, when running program calculations a series of runtime, numeric overflow (divide by zero) messages appear. These errors occur in the Scrap Cost section of the program calculations.

This issue has been resolved in the v2.3.5 update to Factory Commander®. With this update a production demand of zero is valid for any time period or product. This update will ship to warranty and maintenance contract customers shortly.

Workaround: This problem can be avoided in one of two ways.

  1. Ensure that some non-zero value (e.g. "1" instead of "0") is entered for each time period of each product's Production Demand inputs.
  2. When running the program calculations avoid using the "Include Scrap Cost" computations (uncheck this checkbox prior to running calculations).

Techalert fc9-9906


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