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Factory Explorer® v2.3
Technical Alert #11
Excel® Run-Time Error
When Creating Outputs

Summary: In some cases, when output results are placed in an existing Excel workbook on Factory Explorer®'s 'Analyze Output' dialog, Excel may generate a run-time error. This error will occur if the workbook where the results are to be placed already contains the maximum number (256) of built-in and custom number formats. To avoid this error, remove some custom number formats from the workbook where the results are to be placed, or place the results in a different workbook.

Details: On Factory Explorer®'s 'Analyze Output' dialog, you can select the results workbook in which Factory Explorer® will place new output results (worksheets and charts). When it creates an output worksheet or chart in the results workbook, Factory Explorer® usually formats one or more of the data columns. Excel treats the formats that Factory Explorer® uses as custom number formats. If the results workbook already contains 256 built-in and custom number formats, Excel will not be able to complete Factory Explorer®'s format request and will generate a run-time error. The error text depends on the version of Excel: 'Too Many Custom Formats' (Excel 5), 'Cannot Add Any More Custom Formats' (Excel 95), or 'Unable to Set the NumberFormat Property of the Range Class' (Excel 97).

Workaround: Put output results in a different workbook, or remove some custom formats from the results workbook (select Format | Cells | Number in Excel to view formats).

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