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Factory Explorer® v2.2 Technical Alert #3

Summary: Using -ReadState with a state-space file generated from a model containing alternative process steps or within-process lot splitting can cause errors. These errors are corrected in Factory Explorer® v2.3.

Details 1: If -SaveState is used with a model containing alternative process steps, multiple lot records will be written for lots queued at alternative steps (one record for each alternative step). If -ReadState is used with the resulting state-space file, Factory Explorer® will see each of these multiple lot records as a true lot, causing WIP to be inflated in the resulting simulation. In some cases, if the alternative step in question is inside a rework loop, this situation can cause Factory Explorer® to halt with an internal error during the simulation.

Workaround 1: It may be possible to edit the state-space file to eliminate duplicate lot records. These records can be identified because the lot number and step name will be the same for all records.

Details 2: If -SaveState is used with a model containing within-process lot splitting, Factory Explorer® may write out non-integral values in some toolgroup visits fields (those fields labeled Visits.). Factory Explorer® will not, however, allow non-integral values for these fields when reading state-space files specified with -ReadState.

Workaround 2: Edit the state-space file and replace non-integral values in the toolgroup visits fields with 0 or rounded values. This editing is accomplished most easily by reading the state-space file into Excel and copying over all visits information with zeros.

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