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Factory Explorer® v2.2 Technical Alert #7
-InputPct and Product Transform

Summary: When -InputPct is used to modify the start rate of models containing product transform, Factory Explorer® incorrectly calculates the new start rate. This error is corrected in Factory Explorer® v2.2a, and Factory Explorer® v2.3 beta 4.

Details: When -InputPct is enabled, Factory Explorer® calculates the maximum total product release rate, multiplies by the specified percentage, and sets the total product release rate to the result. In models containing product transform, Factory Explorer® was incorrectly including the input rates of transformed products in this calculation. The net result was that the modified start rate was too high, leading to a factory capacity loading that did not match that specified with -InputPct.

Workaround: WWK is currently beta-testing an intermediate release, Factory Explorer® v2.2a, that fixes this error. This intermediate release will be distributed to all maintenance contract customers within 1-2 weeks.

Techalert fx7-9709


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