1) WWK has discovered that TWO COOL® v2.2 has an error in calculating maintenance costs if the life of equipment is less than 7 years. This error does not impact users of previous versions of TWO COOL® nor does it impact recurring costs other than maintenance. If your analysis has "Life of Equipment" set to 7 years or longer, then you will experience NO ERROR.

If Life of Equipment is less than 7 years, maintenance costs are calculated for the full 7 year period and included in the COO result. Thus, COO is overstated. For example, if Life of Equipment is 5 years, then the cost of ownership estimate includes 2 additional years of maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are calculated correctly when Life of Equipment is 7 years or more. This error impacts both 1 column and 2 column models. The Depreciation Life has no impact on the error.

A short-term work-around is to zero out the incorrect cells in row 332 (1 column model) or rows 412 and 556 in the 2 column model. The editing of the CHIPFAB1.XLS and CHIPFAB2.XLS cells should only be done while they are in a read-only mode. Restarting TWO COOL® v2.2 will reset the cells to their original condition for the next analysis.

2) TWO COOL® v2.2 has an error in storing the values used in a Turbo COOL® analysis in CHIPFAB1.XLS. This error does not impact the results from the first use of Turbo COOL® only subsequent uses and storage to type 4 (complete model) database files. If you do not use Turbo COOL® or you use CHIPFAB2.XLS, you can ignore this issue.

These issues have been corrected and will be distributed shortly to all customers covered by warranty or maintenance agreements. Should you have any questions, please contact WWK directly.



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