sensitivity analysis input dialog box large screen shot
Sensitivity Analysis: Input data and output important charts to help make cost saving decisions. It's that easy!

throughtput versus cost per good wafer equivalent large chart
Throughtput Versus Cost Per Good Wafer Equivalent

TWO COOL® represents a major breakthrough in Cost Of Ownership simulation software design. Developed jointly with SEMATECH, TWO COOL® incorporates the functionality and simplicity to meet the most demanding applications. It is available for wafer fab, assembly and packaging, and mask and reticle manufacturing.

TWO COOL® is a powerful tool capable of helping semiconductor manufacturers choose the most cost effective solutions to complex equipment, materials, and process issues. TWO COOL® is the GLOBAL STANDARD. See why SEMATECH and other leading semiconductor and semiconductor equipment and materials companies have converted to TWO COOL®.

TWO COOL® features a user configurable interface utilizing pull down menus and dynamic dialog boxes, an integrated database for data storage and retrieval, and full SEMI E-35 COO Standard compliance. A data conversion utility translates existing SEMATECH Rev. B and COOL® ONE files into the new TWO COOL® database format.

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