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Cost of ownership (COO) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) have become increasingly important in high tech decision making processes. Now there is a software solution ready to meet the challenges of higher system complexity, global COO standardization, and increased user friendliness, Cost of Ownership Luminator version 3.

TWO COOL® represents the state-of-the-art in COO and OEE software design. Originally developed for SEMATECH, this revolutionary product is the new COO software standard. For the first time, there is a model available worldwide that combines the ease of use, functionality, and product support demanded by COO and OEE users while incorporating full SEMI® Standards compliance. TWO COOL® is the GLOBAL standard.

TWO COOL® is a feature rich software tool with a state-of-the-art graphical user interface, automated report, chart, and sensitivity analysis generation, built-in database, and multiple analysis modes. Since comparative COO analysis is such a powerful technique, TWO COOL® incorporates both single and multi-column formats, allowing direct side-by-side evaluations. This all adds up to TWO COOL® setting the standard for efficient and accurate operational cost modeling and decision analysis.

TWO COOL® is so flexible, it is equally at home helping with major capital purchases or on modest system upgrades. For both new and existing factories, the ability to make better decisions is at your fingertips. From analyzing projects in equipment and materials development to capital purchases to prioritizing engineering resources, TWO COOL® provides the tools necessary to maximize your cost competitiveness.

model specific data input dialog box screen shot

TWO COOL® version 3 provides a clean user interface featuring "explorer" style navigation with simultaneous data entry and results panels. All other functions are provided via intuitive menu selections.

OEExpert™ provides a clear, graphical view of OEE Results

overall equipment efficiency chart

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Automatic Pareto analysis focuses attention on the top cost drivers

Pareto chart of cost drivers

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Join the list of companies that are achieving multi-million dollar savings. TWO COOL® is the standard for leading IC, flat panel display, magnetic media, and solar panel manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, 300mm consortia, and other manufacturing and assembly companies. When you need to evaluate a supplier or exchange data with your customer, TWO COOL® provides a common language.

TWO COOL® is supported by the world's leading operational modeling software and services provider, Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Whether you need a software tool or a staff of on-site manufacturing experts, we provide the most cost effective solutions to your business needs.

Call today for more information from Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. Providing software solutions for productivity measurement and enhancement since 1991.

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